Monday, July 23, 2012

Title: Flip Words = Create Names

by Melissa Kline

Have you ever pronounced your name backwards? When I was a teenager my friends and I would get a laugh out of seeing what our names sounded like reversed. Some of them were quite funny: Kendrick is Kcirdnek, sounds like Curd-neck, (still gives me a chuckle). My name is Assilem, sounds like Asylum. And of course there are those that are not affected like Hannah and Bob.

I started to wonder if this strange practice could be of use, other than for a good laugh, and began flipping every word I could think of. Most words sounded like gibberish, but there were actually quite a few that had a unique quality to them.
Eureka! So why not flip random words to create unusual character names?

Here are some examples:
Carrot: Torrac
Pillow: Wollip
Camera: Aremac
Closet: Tesolc
Table: Elbat
Lemon: Nomel
Soda: Ados

I've found the simplest words work best - longer ones are harder to pronounce. You may have to tweak and twist them a little. Of course, not all words work for this. You've got to do some exploring - but that's the fun part. ;)

What words would you flip for a name? Give it a try!

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  1. Stanley Yelnats in HOLES, obviously was "flipped." And my little brother used to rearrange beginning sounds, so your name would be Klelissa Mine. (Sounds a bit romantic, doesn't it?) Of course mine didn't sound any different: Cathy Kannon. Haven't tried it as a married woman, but Wathy Kiechman isn't too weird. It's fun to play with words!