Kim Van Sickler loved to read and write as a child, but then life happened and she pursued careers in PR/marketing and law instead. However, that nagging voice was always there, whispering in her ear, "Yeah, but when are you going to write?"

When her life finally settled down after a particularly nasty divorce, she caved to the voice and began working on an MG witch fantasy. That manuscript led to an MG mermaid fantasy. Inspiration for her third novel was the nearby Ohio-Erie Canal. It's the venue for her upper MG historical fiction mystery with a paranormal twist. Her latest novel is a YA contemporary set in the world of human trafficking. Learn more about it by visiting Kim's website at

Kim is a member of SCBWI. Two of her MG short story fantasies won first and second place in the Center for Writing Excellence's Fiction in Five contest and are published in anthologies. 

An HF short story won first place in the C4WE's historical fiction short story contest.

The first chapter of her book Muleskinner, entitled "The Joust", won the Writers Type First Chapter Award.

A travel short about hiking the restored portion of the Ohio-Erie Canal towpath trail appears here.
This towpath trail adventure story won first place on MidLife Collage.

A YA adventure short story appears in the anthology Anything Prose... and Poetry Too!

A memoir short story appears in the National Gallery of Writing.
We've Decided to Go in a Different Direction

An essay entitled "Savoring son's commitment to Chinese culture of kung fu" appeared in the June 3, 2006 Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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A judge in the Center for Writing Excellence's writing contests.

PDFs of nonfiction writing samples such as an in-depth interview with a land conservation advocate, an informational article on planned giving, and featured project descriptions used as marketing material for an architectural firm, are available upon request. Contact kimvansickler (at) gmail (dot) com 

Where I'm From

I am from zinnia’s, marigolds, and snapdragons
entered every year in the flower and vegetable contest,
finishing second every time.
Now…the drool-worthy tomatoes and licorice-smelling basil
slathered in olive oil and smothered with thick slices of mozzarella.

I am from plucking chords on my guitar, pretending to be the long-lost sister of David Cassidy from the Partridge Family, on the bean bag chair in my walk-in closet.
Now…writing and choreographing shows for Claire’s Girl Scout troop: “Boogie Shoes”, “Cotton-Eyed Joe”, “Mystery of the Missing Meatball”, “Timewarp 2.0”.

I am from “’Til death do us part,” a dewy-eyed, child bride;
a liar, when I stormed out sixteen years later.
Now…partnered with the first one’s polar opposite,
confident I learned from my impetuous first leap.

I am from two pitocin-dripping, womb-stretching, pain-screaming explosions of joy
who made me a better person, re-focusing my life forever.
Now…a full hand of children filling my home, clumping together,
then going away again. The new generation
who will make their own damn way.

Kim Van Sickler
Writer, Willoughby Hills, Ohio