Jon Egan is an expat Aussie, who whilst visiting Disneyland met a woman who would capture his soul and gently push him to take the other fork in the road. In 1989 he left behind friends and family and moved to the States to marry his new best friend.

Referring to himself as a reluctant writer, Jon searches for the passion he sees in his contemporaries. He tends to write in blocks when he can find that "voice" between daily life. He draws heavily on personal experiences for his work. “Invisible Stitches” is his first upper YA novel.

Jon lives in the San Bernardino Mountain’s of Southern California in the beautiful inspiring small-town community of Lake Arrowhead. With the support of his wife, he has recently become a full-time writer. First task: making the change to handling daily life between writing time!

Where I’m From

I’m from fists and bruises and sleepless nights,
From constant musings of what is right,
From fear of speaking out of turn,
From hopes that some adult would learn
That childhood innocence isn’t theirs
To steal in moments filled with rage

I’m from whispered sorrow and never agains,
From physical damage but dulling pains
From the rusted hulk of an abandoned truck
Beyond the reach of arms that struck
From the smell of vinyl, hessian seats
That held me safe and let me sleep.

I’m from English rose and Irish pride
That rarely showed a softer side
From building blocks destroyed with glee
From spirit torn and ripped from me
I am the man who once was boy
That grew in spite of being destroyed

Under my bed there lives a child safely tucked away
He dances when he pleases he gets to shout and play
He cuddles into made up mounds of soft and gentle toys
He has my heart forever now this little prince of boys
He’ll never grow from child to man, he’ll never shed a tear
I love this boy beneath my bed whose life is free from fear…

Jon Egan
Writer, Lake Arrowhead, CA