Kathy Cannon Wiechman is the third of seven siblings, mother of four, and wife of Jim Wiechman for “dang near forever.” She learned to write poetry from her published mother and love of family from her hard-working father. Her love of writing goes back to age five, and she still treasures the strength of Story, the beauty of Words, and the magic of Books.

She is a longtime member of SCBWI, two critique groups, and Swagger. Her short stories have won prizes from the Children’s Writer in both contemporary and historical fiction. She took second place in the Center for Writing Excellence’s Historical Fiction contest in 2013.

Her poems have been published in Ladybug magazine, on the Meadowbrook Press web site and in four anthologies, including 2013’s ANYTHING PROSE AND POETRY, TOO. She recently signed a contract for her historical fiction novel, LIKE A RIVER, with Boyds Mills Press. It will be her first published novel.

 In June, 2013, Kathy's blog posts received the following award:

Kathy's the big sis.

I am from nursery school in our front rooms:
Peg tables, puzzles, and Santa Claus visits,
Record time and “Turn the page when Nipper barks.”
Sharing toys—and chicken pox,
Sand box, swing set, jungle gym,
All made by Dad’s own hands.

I am from PBJ on toast,
Mrs. Carey’s meatballs,
Mrs. LaWarre’s fried chicken,
Pork roast on Wednesdays,
Sunday dinners with Grandma
        and pink gravy.

I am from Albert and Thea,
The postal worker and the teacher,
The handyman and the poet,
Hard workers, role models,
Teachers of life,
Givers of love.

I am from a gaggle of siblings,
A string of names connected,
To fight with and laugh with
During long rides to Ironton
Or board games on rainy days.
Best friends who are related.

Kathy Cannon Wiechman
Writer, Cincinnati, Ohio