Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Swagger Swag Giveaway

We're proud to launch our group writing blog for writers and readers and we'd like you to be a part of it!

All you have to do is share the following link:
somewhere on the internet - on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc., advertising our site AND follow us.

Then, leave a comment below with proof that you shared one of these links. If you tweeted it, attach your twitter url; if you posted it on FB, comment with your FB url ; if you blogged it, include your blog link, etc. To be entered in our drawing to receive a prize, you have to include the web address to the shared link in a comment.

What are the prizes, you ask? We NOW have thirteen of them. That means we'll have THIRTEEN winners. The first name drawn picks their first choice and so on:

-critique of the first ten pages of an MG or YA manuscript by Kristin Wolden Nitz, author of Suspect

-critique of your PB by Juliet Bond, author of Sam's Sister

-critique of your PB by Graziella Pacini Buonanno, author of Dancing on Grapes

-one copy of War & Watermelon, Rich Wallace's new MG book about Woodstock

-two copies of Kickers Book One: The Ball Hogs paperback by Rich Wallace

-two copies of My Beginnings, Melissa Kline's sci-fi debut YA novel

-a first-year anthology of short story contest winners from the Center for Writing Excellence (featuring a story by Kim Van Sickler)

-a Creating Characters that Speak Workbook by Center for Writing Excellence's Director, Janie Sullivan

-one copy of Dancing on Grapes, the picture book debut by Graziella Pacini Buonanno

-one copy of Sam's Sister, a hardback picture book about open adoption by Juliet Bond

-one copy of a Chicken Soup for the Soul (featuring a poem by Juliet Bond)

Giveaway is extended to Tuesday, November 15, 2011. Please make sure we can contact you to send you your prize.

Thanks for supporting Swagger. We think you're gonna like the diversity and depth our blog plans to offer.


  1. Hey gimme some of that awesome swag!

  2. I've known Kathy for many years and loved hearing her work and stories of Chautauqua and Honesdale. In fact, she's the reason I've done both.

    In addition, Kathy's description of John's work in progress has left me chomping at the bit to read it.

    I was pleased to see I could follow both in one spot.

    I'm now a follower at and have posted a link under my great sites to visit.

  3. Congrats on your new venture! I've heard wonderful things about the Highlights experience. It's so valuable to form a community of writers going forward.

  4. My Twitter account (Aspenhof Studios) just shared the love!

    AspenhofStudios Aspenhof Studios
    New writerly blog:

  5. My Facebook Account (Kaleigh Castle-maguire) has also shared the love...
    Congrats on the blog!

  6. Enjoy writing on your new blog! I love sharing stories about our quirky farm:

  7. Hi,I shared this site on my Facebook and I really hope i get to win Melissa's Book since she used to be my neighbor I got close to her and I can trully say that I admire her, shes the best. Thx
    Best Regards
    Palmyra Viedma

  8. Congrats and I'm looking forward to the new blog.

  9. Alright, I blabbed about your fun new blog on facebook...

    And Jon....thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. I really miss you! It's amazing to me how you can spend a short time with some people and instantly love them so much. :)

    I'm glad you're still busy writing. And I can't wait to hear about your success (I know it's coming!). As for me? I'm trying to finish the fantasy MG and hope to start sending it around at the first of the year. Patty Gauch recommended an agent at Chautauqua. The agent wanted to see the whole thing after reading the first let's keep our fingers crossed that she'll still be interested! I'm so glad I found this blog.

  10. I posted a link on FB (at least I think I did, but I am so computer illiterate)! Really, I'm pretty sure I did. I don't know what my URL is but my name is Colleen Jensen and I would love a prize for Christmas! Great site guys!

  11. Hi! I've just popped over after reading Kim's inspiring guest post on A Place for Writers.

    I've added a couple of links to my latest post:

    I don't know whether I count in this competition though, as I currently live in China.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to more!

    Jessica Baverstock