Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for Lazypants

by Kim Van Sickler

Pssst. I have a secret. It's one that even my family doesn't suspect.

Deep my core...I'm lazy.

There. I said it. Even though I've spent my life trying to prove otherwise.

But hectic schedules and keeping busy and always having something to do is really not that compatible with writing. At least not for me. For me to write my best, I need downtime. Time to sit quietly (I am one of those freaks that write without music--for me nothing beats the sound of silence.) and reflect on how to make my writing better. Thinking about my writing when I'm doing other things--something that works for many people wonderfully--isn't all that productive. My mind always cycles around to my "more pressing" responsibilities and my stories get the short shrift. When my family is around--I'm distracted. I can't immerse myself in my story the way I need to. Even physical activity doesn't channel my muse. I'm one of those intense exercisers. I'm totally focused on my workout, and can't seem to take advantage of that time to ponder plot development or dialogue or story arc. My most productive writing time, besides when I'm actually sitting in front of the computer, is when I'm lying in bed.
Since I began this relatively recent journey to become a published author, I crave lazy time. It's a luxury. Certainly not something to be ashamed of or try to hide. I understand people who are always talking about how busy they are. Being busy is a way to validate ourselves. We matter. But I've got to work less on trying to stay busy, and more on carving out lounge time for myself to forge a more powerful connection to my muse, and write.

Sometimes less is more.

What about you? Are you someone who can write in your head while you go about your daily life? Or do you need downtime, like me?


  1. I definitely need downtime. In fact, if there are too many nights after work or weekends in a row where I don't to stay around at home by myself, I not only get a bit frantically desperate for "me time" but I get depressed too. I don't think there's anything wrong with it though. In fact, I think it's part of my natural make-up - I'm an introvert. ;)

    I love couches. hehe

  2. I am with you, Kathy. There is no thinking about what I want to write when I'm doing something else, I need to be thinking about the writing. Every great once in a while, I'll get an idea while doing something else, but it'll only be the germ of something, never anything fully constructed. I admire people who can do that.

    1. Kathy Cannon Wiechman, this is your fault. Everyone has Kathy on the brain from yesterday's post. LOL.

  3. You write without music?? Unimaginable!!

    And I'm downright blatant about my laziness! :)

  4. I'm lazy too and need down stime but by lazy I mean I don't want to hunt for where spouse has left stuff if not in normal place. I'm lazy cause don't want to spend time eg fixing computer I just want to get my work done. See what I mean?

  5. I write best in silence, too. But my mind plots & brainstorms while I take my daily walk, garden, wash dishes, or clean house. And if I don't take non-writing downtime before bed, I won't be able to shut the muse down to go to sleep.

  6. I used to prefer writing in silence. Now my best writing happens when Jeremy is practicing or his band is rehearsing. Who'd have guessed I'm a closet heavy metal writer.

  7. Yes, TOTALLY need downtime!
    That does surprise me about you though! :D