Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Terrible Two's

Today's post for the October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge features age 2.

by Jon Egan

Two years old and full of ‘tude,
Diaper changes, runnin nude,
Won’t eat anything made with Luv,
Instead I’ll scarf the worms and bugs.

I’ll stomp my feet, won’t wear my shoes,
I’ll hold my breath, until I’m blue,
I’ll kick and scream ‘n won’t lie down,
I’ll make the biggest stink in town.
But, when my dad’s around the home,
I’ll be the bestest kid you know,
I hear my mum, she’s tellin tales,
But, he’ll never see my two-year wails.

Once he’s out that locked front door,
I’ll kick it up and scream some more,
So drop that candy for my bribe,
Perhaps I’ll let you rest for five.

Eventually I’ll lay my head,
And snooze away tucked up in bed,
Yes I hear you through your teeth,
“He’s so damn cute when he’s asleep.”
I’m typical… In fact, you see?
Two year olds are meant to be,
Nothing but trouble so you’ll agree
The Terrible Two’s… are the worst you’ll see


  1. I'm really enjoying this series. Great idea.

    1. It is a lot of fun Ann, thanks for being such a dedicated reader and commenter on our Blog.

  2. Well done, Jon. How aptly you've portrayed that "darling" age, so adorable one minute & a holy terror the next. A couple of my kids tried to drag it on to about age 7.

    1. I'm still pulling it with Patty, but shhhhhh don't tell here

  3. This poem made me smile all the way through!

    1. And that my friends is why we write :) thanks Joy, it's always nice to know when we achieve a goal

  4. What a fun poem, and the photos really enhance it! It sure brought back memories. For my girls, however, it was the terrible threes, worse than the twos. But the same idea. How quickly you forget that part and look back on them as little angels. I got such a chuckle out of this poem.

    1. Thanks Jane, thanks to Kim for the photo's, which incidentally are not me, although I'm sure my mum has pictures of me in both situations.

  5. Saltine Cracker says "well done"!

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  6. Fabulous! I have a 2 yr old grandson who should be the poster child for this poem :) But he is a darling little thing! And I love him to pieces!

    1. I of course was never like that (me? no never at all) , I pulled the inspiration from my nephews :)
      I'm sure your grandson is a darling Susan. Thanks for reading and commenting