Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Today's post for the October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge is by Jon Egan

The dingo took my baby, she screamed for all to hear,
The Shuttle launched and landed, despite a nation's fear,
Walesa said, enough's, enough, Solidarity was formed,
John Lennon killed in NYC, the whole world sat and mourned.

Earthquake hits in Italy, near five thousand dead,
"Who shot J.R. Ewing?" is the question in my head,
Colonel Sanders left us, for the fryer in the sky,
Bobby Sands on hunger strike until the day he died,

Reagan wins election, the Hostages are free,
For fifteen hundred bucks, you can have your own PC,
Egypt’s Sadat is shot and killed, Bob Marley’s in the grave,
The CDC announces that five have died from AIDS.

Sandra Day O’Connor, first woman on the Court,
South Africa invades… and another war is fought,
MTV goes to air, and screens the Buggles first,
Pepsi dared to challenge Coke and won the nations thirst.

Video Killed the Radio Star

Lady Di got married to Charles the Prince of Wales,
Janet Cooke from Washington, got busted telling tales,
The Rubik’s cube distracted me, for seven days at least,
Ali said goodbye to being, the Butterfly and Beast.

The Oscar went to Chariots, but Raiders was the best,
Stephen King’s “Cujo,” had me putting down the rest,
Pink Floyd yelled at teachers, and put bricks into the Wall,
AC/DC’s “Back in Black” had Aussies standing tall.

These are just some memories from years and years ago,
Some changed our life immensely and some were just so-so,
I’m sure there’s some that you recall and some I shoulda seen,
But these are ones that meant the most when I was Seventeen.


  1. What struck me the most about this wonderful encapsulation of the period, is how much of America you remember growing up an Aussie. Is the Americana stuff something that most Aussies would hearken back to or are you special? :-)

  2. As much as I'd like to be thought of as special, growing up in Australia, most of our news programing (much to my dads chagrin) would open up with World and American news issues, before turning to domestic news. We only had one TV station and only got broadcast news each evening 6:00 to 7:00pm so it was devoured.

  3. Grear job Jon. Very enjoyable read, and definately brought back many, many memories.

    1. Thanks glad you made it over here.

  4. Grear job Jon. Very enjoyable read, and definately brought back many, many memories.

  5. A beautifully written time capsule of a year I remember well, even though I was an "old married lady" by then. I think I might still have an old Rubik's cube somewhere. Thanks for the great trip down Memory Lane.

    1. I remember getting so frustrated with the cube, that after waiting for a month to get one then messing with it for a week I peeled the stickers off and replaced them so it looked like I'd completed it! never did solve the bloody thing.

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    1. Thanks Julie as always, we appreciate any feedback over here :) Patty sends her love.

  7. Awesome post bud! 80's, EPIC!!


    1. Gotta love the 80's thanks for reading and posting...

  8. I love this. Humorous, poignant, and impressively thorough but not boring.

    1. :) so happy I didn't bore you :) thanks for the comments