Friday, October 12, 2012

Grandma's Gift

Today's  October Memoir and Backstory Challenge is age 12. Regina Gort shares a memory of a special gift.

Grandma's Gift

Came without 
no fuss,
a bound book of
lined, blank pages.

A soft green cover,
small, white, flower print.

I reveled the weight of
it, as I turned it over and
over in my hands.

Not fully aware of
the power she had
bequeathed, I thanked
her in a hug.

Once I found a moment with a
pen, I wrote my song,
no matter the key,
that I am still singing.

Regina Gort, age 12


  1. Very nice. Love the last two stanzas especially.

  2. Love your poem! It made me feel connected to you today as I work in the place we first met.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. I hope that you are enjoying your time there and that you are being very productive. I am there with you in spirit.

  3. I love the line, "the power she had bequeathed". A simple gift - but opening up so much.
    Jane Ann

    1. Thanks so much, Jane Ann. I have to tell you that this blog challenge has been wonderful for me. It has helped me through writer's block. I really love the idea. So thanks for hosting and sharing it!

  4. Lovely! Never stop singing.