Monday, June 11, 2012

Grace & Melissa's Reunion

by Melissa Kline

Grace and I met on a breezy afternoon in Denver a couple of weeks ago. I was SO excited to have the opportunity to reunite with a fellow member of the swagger family. What a treat...literally!
Grace invited me to meet her at Deli Italia - a delightful cafe, deli and specialty market in Lakewood, Colorado, which is owned by Grace's brother, Riccardo. 

Upon entering the market, smells of fresh cheese, meats and bread tantalize the senses. The store is beautifully decorated with photographs of Grace and Riccardo's hometown, Luca, and there are murals of gourmet delicacies everywhere! The space is warm, inviting and very unique. There is love in every detail! I especially enjoyed the family portraits proudly displayed in the entryway.
 Grace and I chatted in the spacious seating area whilst traditional Italian music wafted around us. We were served fresh cappuccinos and home-made mozzarella that was quite easily the best cheese I have ever tasted. The mozzarella was a pillowy blob of gooey softness that had an airy, yet melty texture. The taste was even more incredible - salty, rich, nutty. Yum! I felt as if I had been whisked away to another time. It was heavenly.
After lunch, Grace gave me a tour of the store where I spotted her newly released book, "Dancing on Grapes," a children's picture book about Grace's experience growing up in Italy. It was so neat to see her beautiful book on display amongst the fun treats and treasures.
Thank you Grace and Riccardo for indulging me in a slice of true Italian heritage. I am honored!

If you are in the Denver area, don't miss Deli Italia. Treat yourself to some of that amazing cheese! :)  


  1. Sounds lovely. So glad you two were able to get together. I miss you both!

  2. Oh I love the pictures! It's so good to see both of your smiling faces together. How I miss you dear friends and I am so happy that you were able to reunite.