Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Best Movies of 2011

Here's Swaggers last "Best of 2011" posts:

Let me say right now that I don't get out to movies much. My kids would say that RIO and Rango topped the chart. And I totally didn't see H.P. First one I didn't see in the theater (my priorities have changed a bit). I also had no intention of going anywhere near Breaking Dawn.

For me in 2011, the movie highlights were The Help and The Muppets. The screen adaptation of The Help was so true to the book and well done. And really it didn't get any better for me than a comeback by my favorite gang of weirdos in The Muppets movie. Bringing "The Rainbow Connection" to a new generation was priceless for me (especially when my three-year-old left the theatre singing "Mahna Mahna").

But now that it's 2012, I have to say I'm planning on making time to watch Hunger Games.

What movies inspired you in 2011? Which ones are you looking forward to seeing in 2012?

Gina Gort


  1. So glad to hear that 'The Help' was true to the book. I'm awaiting Netflix to see it. My favorite movie was 'Limitless'. OK,I'm weird, but I loved this quirky story.

  2. ya, Harry Potter was something I saw I think 10 times. But I'm a major nerd, so my favorite movies this year were that one and X-Men First Class. :)

  3. I saw THE HELP last week, and it was awesome! I loved it. And I hadn't read the book, but my wife filled me in on some of the minor differences. :)