Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Put On Your Creative Cap

by Melissa Kline

Our busy world pulls us in so many directions, that sometimes it can be difficult just to sit down and create. Some of us may have no problem with allotting time, but find it tough to focus once we get there.
I struggle with both of these scenarios as a mother, wife, author, businesswoman and super creative – it’s hard not to feel pulled in so many directions!
So, how do we focus on our writing or creative endeavors, even if we’re not feeling very motivated?
I have found a really fun, yet profound way to get into a creative state of mind… and stay there.
All you have to do is put on a creative “cap” – really! It may sound corny, but there is powerful symbolism involved in a physical object that represents a creative mindset.
It doesn’t have to be a cap – it can be a pair of shoes, a shirt, a full blown costume, a pin, a belt, a necklace, a pair of funky glasses, a tie – anything goes!
The key is to find something that represents your sacred creative moment – whatever that is.
Here’s the fun part – you can get super inspired just by searching for your creative “cap”.
Rummage thrift stores, get out the sewing machine or design a creativity costume. This is all yours, so have fun with it! You can even have multiple “caps” for different tasks. You could have an art hat that you use while painting, a character costume you wear while working on a certain novel, etc. I used a pair of combat boots to feel like one of my science fiction characters and wore a necklace to get into the mind of my contemporary teen book. The possibilities are endless!
What’s most important is to become inspired by your creative “cap.” Putting it on is an affirmation that you are in that role and dedicating time to a specific task. You can even let your family members know that, “When I’m wearing this hat, I’m in creative mode and unavailable!”

A creativity symbol is a great tool for getting inspired and staying inspired. Own your creativity!


  1. Great idea to put something on that says this is my creative moment. Thanks for the idea.

  2. I don't look good in hats though. I tried one of those foil hats once, but it only kept the aliens from reading my mind.

    1. Ha, ha! Maybe you need the aliens to help you create? Get an alien mini figure or sticker to have near your writing space. ;)

  3. We all have to find the right things that work for us. So glad you found yours!

  4. It is so true that we have to shift gears to get into the creativity mode. I think I'll get a pair of creative shoes!