Saturday, December 3, 2011

Writer's Block (or the sudden need to do anything else but write)

Maybe it's the time of year, laden with celebrations and rushing around, but I am unable to write. Okay, more honestly, I don't write. It's a writer's block I face every year around this time. Some (my husband) may argue that I actually set myself up not to write the last two months of the year. But right now is my time to absorb, hibernate, and rest. I am taking in all sorts of tidbits that I scribble in my journal.

The most recent is a quote from a Rumi poem, "Read the book of your life that has been given to you."

I could chew on this one all winter.

And so I wonder about other writers. I even find myself Googling writer's block.

Do you have a time of year, or maybe a time of day where you can't write? And what do you do when you hit a wall?

Regina Gort


  1. It is so hard, especially this time of year, to keep to a schedule, but I think it is so important that we stay plugged in to the writing world in some way. Taking time to read, reflect, and journal is STILL being productive! Very much so!

  2. For many years, I've taken a break from my other writing to write a Christmas story. And now I have more than a dozen Christmas stories, & some of them are pretty decent.

  3. Does "too often" ring a bell with any of you? : p

  4. Absolutely, Clara, but judging by your work, you manage to overcome the "beast" often.

  5. If I am being someone I like, I write through it. I figure the blocks are basically like the long stretches of dry land on a car trip that only occasionally comes across something green. And when I'm being my less than perfect self, I eat chocolate.

    Of course.