Thursday, November 3, 2011

Warm Fuzzies: Week Two Inspiration & WIP

Swagger posted a sidebar answer to Week One's Warm Fuzzies question by last Friday and then formalized it into a posting on Monday, so I guess that gives us five points for last week?

As lucky winners of Saba's book, Swagger held an intra-Swagger dice roll and the winner is Regina Gort!

Jon Egan is pouting that we don't have more male followers (seven, and two of them are Swaggers), but that seems to be pretty typical of writing and reading blogs. Especially blogs about writing for kids. Don't you think? And we are THRILLED about the more than fifty followers we have attracted in less than a month. Thank you! And keep on coming!

Now to Warm Fuzzies Question #2. Teaser pics of our WIPs and what inspires us.

Gina's oldest daughter, Gwen, keeps her motivated and keeps the poetry coming in waves. You might say she is Gina's first mate in the ocean of life. 

Juliet's WIP:

Jon's WIP:

Graziella says what inspires her writing is her love for Italy and for this great country, the USA. Here's her WIP:

Melissa's WIP and more details about what inspires her on her blog :

Kathy is inspired by reading histories, diaries, newspapers, & vintage books. She has a small collection of text books more than a hundred years old, & just holding one of them can often put her into the mind of a child who may have studied from that very book. Old book + imagination = Inspiration. Here is her WIP photo:

And finally here's what Kim's working on:

So anyone want to take some guesses, especially on some of the harder ones?

The Swaggers


  1. Now now Kim, I wouldn't so far as to say I'm pouting! why would I? one of the perks of being a YA writer is that I get to be the thorn among roses.
    And actually one of my future posts will discuss the disparity between male/female writers - male/female readers, I just found out some quite interesting accidental facts about the whole subject.

  2. Love the picture of Gwen by that way, what an absolutely stunning smile she has :)

  3. Hey Jon,
    It's 3 am here, but I guess only midnight there. Oh, I get it. Your "pouting" is all a big lead-up to your "discovery". Drum roll please. Actually, it worked. I'm intrigued to see what you've uncovered. You're right about Gwen. There's something about her that makes me smile. Maybe I'm just unconsciously returning hers.

  4. What a great idea. I love the pictures of WIPs.

  5. Thanks, Jon and Kim! I think Gwen sparkles. And it's so nice to see you Ann :)

  6. Always good to hear from you, Ann. Love the WIP pics, but won't make any guesses since I already know what most of you are working on. You are working, right, Jon?

  7. Oh you know me too well Ms. Wiechman!!!

  8. Oh wow, I love these pictures and really have no idea where to start with guesses! I'm almost tempted to put them all together and make one giant guess ;)

  9. That would be quite a bizarre schizo tale.:)

  10. Your story of coming together is really moving, you guys. What great connections you've made with one another! Oh, and the pictures up there? Intriguing!

  11. I'll go with Julians's idea and suggest a giant combo book:

    A group of poor exploited Victorian sweat shop workers (Juliet's pic) decide to set sail (Gina's pic) for a new life in the Americas. They are shipwrecked on an island (Graziella's pic)) inhabited by a friendly witch (Kim's pic) who lends them a glue gun (Melissa's pic) so they can make an escape catamaran. They continue their journey and end up living on a lovely farm (Jon's pic) where they make enough money to visit Santa once a year at the local big city store (Kathy's pic).

    What do you think?


  12. Thanks Misty! Emma, maybe the sweat shop workers are actually the group that came up with the idea of Christmas store Santas. It was their way of giving back to a country that took them in and allowed them to become more than forced manual labor.

  13. I'm a dude, and thanks to Christina, I'm now following. So you just got +1'ed.

  14. Welcome Matthew, so nice to see another follower from the dark side...
    Love the shot in the dark Emma, I'm guessing Kim told you the answers since you are so close, to hitting it right on the head. NOT :) but I like it.

  15. Oooh, I like the idea of combining all of our photos to make one story... A future contest, perhaps? :)

  16. Emma, it sounds as if you have the imagination of a true writer.