Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Warm Fuzzies: Week Three -- Name Our WIPs

Warm Fuzzies Blog Fest 2011

Can you name our WIPs? Here are three of them.

The Academy of Witches and Wizards is about to assign thirteen-year-old Grizelda Q. Fiddlesticks her job for life. In her journey to become an official adult, Grizzy faces a superstitious and entrenched witching establishment determined to assign her a role she dreads. She debates turning her life on the witching world and becoming mortal, flees an evil mentor who wants to use her to destroy mankind, and evades her half-brother who's an accomplice to the sick plot. She's in danger of losing her best friend,  the victim of a bizarre kidnapping and attempted Final Transmutation, and infected with a deadly virus.

Since I know what my MC wants to happen, I either have the opposite happen or give the character what he/she wants but in an unfavorable way or have them find out it wasn't such a good thing after all.

Storm enjoys skateboarding, soldering and hooking up with his brother’s girlfriend. Losing his virginity to Holly is a good distraction from the feeling that he killed his own mother. But there’s a problem… he despises Holly. Kelly is the girl of his dreams. Storm is in a tangle and the guilt that his dad lays on him only intensifies his problems. An argument lands him in the school counselors’ office where he finds unexpected friendship. Will Storm overcome his fears and let go of the feelings that have been haunting him?

Juliana: Five points for blog and two points for two FB posts about Warm Fuzzies  last week. 17 points total.


  1. Her lifelong job at 13? Yikes!! What about calling it Childhood Robbery? Lol. It's a great premise and I love the name Grizelda Fiddlesticks!

    Kathy, for yours I'd pick: Take That, Sucker.

    And I think I guessed one for yours on a different post, Melissa! I recognize the premise.

  2. Title: Fiddlesticks' Fate

    Title: Sock it to Em'!

    Title: I've seen this one before...and posted earlier...somewhere!

  3. This sounds awesome. I was going to say just Fiddlesticks. I like Fiddlestick's Fate too.

  4. Kim: Grizzy's Grizzly Gourney (Is it totally lame I spelled that with a 'G'? Lol)

    Kathy: Opposing Forces

    Melissa: Already did yours ;)

  5. Ditching the Witch (love mc's name!)
    I think I also remember the name Storm, which alone makes a great title.