Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Writing Ideas

by Melissa Kline

Invent-A-Treat. Fruitcake, candy canes, gingerbread, mince pie, eggnog, challah… These are great classics but what if you had to invent a completely unique holiday treat? Or better yet, combine various items to create a chopped-style holiday concoction. What would it smell like? How might it look, taste, feel? Make your mouth water with scintillating details.

Design An Ugly Sweater. Create the ugliest sweater ensemble you can possibly imagine for yourself or a friend. If you’re in a group, pick a partner and design outfits for one another. Details are extremely important! Are there threads hanging off? Blinding glittery fabric or glue gun threads hanging from tassels? Be as descriptive as possible. As an added exercise, draw the holiday getup with color and details.

Themed Character Doodles. You will need a few sheets of paper and at least two people for this exercise. First decide what “themes” your characters will have – elf, reindeer, abominable snowman, etc. Fold paper(s) in thirds and write the theme on each section. Each participant draws a head on top half first, then passes and draws middle and finally pass and draw legs. Do not let anyone see your doodles until they are complete and don't forget to include continuation lines. When characters are complete, unfold and reveal your silly creations! Use your doodles as a writing prompt or discussion piece.

Instant Holiday Poem. Most of us are extremely busy this time of year but we still want to get in some writing! I found a really neat website that makes writing a holiday poem as easy as filling in 7 lines – literally! Go to: and create your holiday poem now. Here’s mine:


Snow drifting from a star lit sky

Cookies rising in the oven

Bing Crosby belting classics

Thick, rich eggnog
Fireplace warming my hands


Do you have any holiday inspired writing exercises you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about them.

Happy Holidays, Friends!


  1. The themed character doodle is a fun party idea. COuld have used that when I was teaching writing too. Great way to get the juices going. Thanks for the idea!

    1. Thank you, Carol! I am glad you like my ideas. The character doodle exercise is one of my favorites! My writing group loves it - we always end up in fits of laughter. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season! :)