Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Step Out My Son

by Jon Egan

This is a poem written by my dad, and has always been one of my favorite pieces of his, and since I’m remembering the 4th year of his passing I wanted to share it with everyone and hope that it touches you the way it has always touched me. R.I.P. Dad --- October 6th 2009 ---
Photo: Daddy Egan 2
Papa Egan

Step Out My Son

When I set out to face this world,
So many years ago,
I stood there at life’s crossroads,
Knowing not which way to go,
Unlike you Son, I had no friend,
I had no helping hand,
I had no one to point the way,
Alone I had to stand,
So before you take the road through life,
To what I say pay heed,
For remember Son, I’ve trod that road,
I know just what you’ll need,
The way is long, it can be hard,
It can be cold, or warm,
If you cannot do some good to man,
Don’t try to do him harm,
Don’t be too proud to soil your hands,
In honest toil my Son,
For some of history’s greatest men,
At humble work begun,
Don’t ever be ashamed of home,
Deny not when you came,
For men will honor you much more,
For truth instead of fame,
Don’t turn away from one in need,
Don’t ever be that grand.
For all of us sometime in life,
May need a helping hand,
I’ll not pretend that I’ve not erred,
Or transgressed in my time,
For to err is a human trait my Son,
And forgiveness is divine,
So go now Son upon your way,
While your mother hides her tears,
You will always be her baby, Son,
Though you are grown in years,
Yes, go my Son, step proudly out,
And hold your head up high,
And I’ll pray to God, “Watch over him.”
For he’s still our little boy.
Photo: Centrals Clubrooms
The son stepping out.

John Christopher Egan…


  1. That's beautiful, Jon. Thanks for sharing. So writing is in your DNA, yes?

  2. YEs, our children always remain "little" to us, and our parents always love us that way. thanks for sharing.