Friday, February 8, 2013

Inspired by Love

by Melissa Kline

Card made from watercolor paper, paint and heart sequins.

Have you ever been so inspired or passionate about someone that you'd create little tokens of love just to make them happy? A note, words of warmth, a doodle or drawing... these gestures can mean so much. 

This week, during the Celebrate The Small Things Blogfest, I rediscovered paintings, writing and crafty projects that I had created for my husband when we were dating. These mementos brought a smile to my face because they reminded me of how passionate and inspired I was by our new love. I put so much time and effort into these creations because it was important for me to convey how much I cared about him. What an awesome thing to celebrate! The power of love.
Love collage made from magazine clippings.

"I Love..." cards made with paper, marker and colored pencils.

It occurred to me that these tokens are also abundant in books and movies. There seems to be some kind of object that is used as a sign of affection or love in many romantic story lines. In my book, My Beginning, Aidan gives Ivory a necklace, which has special meaning.

Can you think of a movie or book that included a love token? How was it woven throughout the story?
Prop necklace used as a symbol of love in "My Beginning."

I wanted to share some of my real life love tokens and hopefully inspire you to make something fun for your loved ones. There is nothing like a gift from the heart! An unexpected note in a lunchbox, briefcase or drawer can change someone's day. Small or big, it's the thought that counts. :)

Poems written in permanent marker on watercolor paper, washed with paint.

What's your idea of the perfect love token? 


  1. My novel has a love token too, but it needs more development. Thanks for the revision reminder.

  2. Notes were my favorite, many years ago when I was young. It is great when you find them after many years. Brings a lot of memories.:)

  3. Amazing how love can inspire us! You are very creative ;)

    We also have kept all notes and tokens, the memories always make me smile.

  4. How lovely to rediscover your tokens and the power of love is the best thing of all to celebrate. xx

  5. I cherish tokens given to me by loved ones, & 2 recent ones were a jar of quotes & a handmade hat. (Thanks, G & J.) I often write tokens into my stories. There, they have been as varied as red mittens & a handmade candle. In my most recent novel you'll see a ring, a knife, & a piece of pine notched with days. All were given to my main character & carry special meaing to her.

  6. It is so great to find old tokens and writings to be able to celebrate your old self, and to remember that that is still who you are. Something not to forget!

  7. That is so sweet...
    When it comes to celebrating love, nothing beats hand-written notes/letters...

  8. "Ancient treasures" are always neat things to celebrate! Found a few of those in my garage this week, and they certainly made me smile. True love is also a beautiful thing to celebrate, as are heart-warming memories from the past.

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    1. Does someone who posts a poorly worded advertisement for a product not at all related to the subject of the blog really think anyone is going to act on it? Or is this just a bored individual with nothing better to do? Ridiculous! A pox on unsolicited advertising!

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