Monday, November 19, 2012

What Five Things?

It all started here

by Melissa Kline

I am thankful for Thankfulness!

Gratitude is something that I try to fit into my daily routine. It helps to keep me in the present, and focused on what's important in my life. Do you ever catch yourself festering over the past (like that conversation you just had where you wished you would have said something else) or worrying about the future (Will that publisher reject or accept me? Will I finally land that contract and become a millionaire?) 

We all have worries, concerns, past hangups, agendas, goals (that blog post to get up!) and very, very busy lives, but it is important to stop - even for two seconds - and be grateful for the moment, wherever you are.

So how can you do this? Especially when you're just so darn busy? Here's how:

Every day, think of five things that you are grateful for. That's it! You can do this while you're grocery shopping, driving to work, brushing your teeth, before falling asleep at night… while writing that query letter. You can even get a friend involved and ask, "What five things are you grateful for today?" It's as simple as that. The practice is fun and keeps you in a mindset of being grateful, which is always a good thing!

So, I have to ask… What five things are you grateful for today?

I am grateful for you! :)


  1. I'm grateful for my health, at the moment.
    I'm grateful for my cat Opie's amazing remission.
    I'm grateful that I have a group of writers to connect with.
    I'm grateful that I remembered to get my turkey order in, just under the deadline.
    I'm grateful, and forever thankful, that when I asked "The Question," Patty said yes.

  2. 1. My health, which is mediocre, but at least it's not bad.
    2. My 4 healthy kids
    3. My 3 healthy grandkids.
    4. My supportive husband.
    5. My friends, who always remind me just how lucky I am.
    Thanks, Melissa, for the great post.

  3. I'm grateful for...

    1. My family who makes the day bright even when it's dark.
    2. My health and that of everyone I love.
    3. My friends, near and far, who support me in everything I do.
    4. My home, because there's no place like it.
    5. The writing community for encouraging me to keep going every day.

    This is a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Here are five simple things I came up with during this morning's walk:
    1.That thrill I get every day, the moment I take the leash off my dog, Peter's, neck and he takes off, so eager to sniff, explore, and run that he's shaking.
    2.Friendly golf course greens keepers who know us, wave and talk to us, and don't get mad at a dog running with wild abandon.
    3. Canada geese flying in their V formation overhead, their honks helping to drown out the hum of the grass cutting machinery.
    4. The rising sun greeting me as I climb to the top of the 16th hole.
    5. The chill in the air, reminding me I'm alive and that I'm lucky enough to have a cozy house to return to.