Monday, July 16, 2012

Dirty Face

posted by Regina Gort

Violet Gort

Where did you get such a dirty face,
My darling dirty-faced child?
I got it from crawling along in the dirt
And biting two buttons off Jeremy’s shirt.
I got it from chewing the roots of a rose
And digging for clams in the yard with my nose.
I got it from peeking into a dark cave
And painting myself like a Navajo brave.
I got it from playing with coal in the bin
And signing my name in cement with my chin.
I got if from rolling around on the rug
And giving the horrible dog a big hug.
I got it from finding a lost silver mine
And eating sweet blackberries right off the vine.
I got it from ice cream and wrestling and tears
And from having more fun than you’ve had in years.

This is your reminder that in order to be a great writer, you must have great experiences. To have great experiences, you must get your face dirty. Go out get dirty and enjoy the spoils of the summer. I am off to hunt up mushrooms, pick some berries, make some jam, and maybe even skinny dip.

How will you get dirty?


  1. Beautiful, Gina. As you know, I regularly engage in signing my name in cement with my chin...and wrestling and tears. I may set this to music and make it my theme song.

    1. I think we need to set up a wrestling match :)

  2. Ah, the beautiful simplicity of a life before computers, cell phones, and TV takes over. A great poem of how life should be lived and a wonderful photo of a young lady who is living life to its fullest.

    1. Thanks, Kim. Hope you got some dirty work done today!

  3. I love Shel Silverstein's poems! They always feel as though he wrote them just for me. And his HECTOR THE COLLECTOR was written about my husband. It had to be, even though I never noticed Silverstein lurking around our garage.
    Thanks for this worderful reminder post, Gina. My face, and my hands, will get dirty today.

    1. Hope you got good and dirty, Kathy. I also love SICK, I used to recite it to my mom when I didn't want to go to school.